Акустический бокс Mordaunt-Short Avant Architect BX162 swing arm clamp architect desk lamp dimmable
Внешние габариты: 102 х 355 х 600 мм. Вырез для динамика: 204 х 254 мм. Глубина: 73 мм.
4655.45 RUR
Neo-Flex HD Swing Arm (45-268-026) swing arm clamp architect desk lamp dimmable
Вид Для телевизора и панели Подъём нет Поворот есть Диагональ монитора 42 дюйма Угол поворота 360 ° Размеры VESA 100x100, 75x75, 200x200, 200x100 мм Максимальная нагрузка 22.7 кг Угол наклона 20 ° Гарантия 5 лет
9880 RUR
Ручки для ванн Roca Swing 291109000 swing arm clamp architect desk lamp dimmable
Ручки для ванн Roca Swing хром (291109000)
3300 RUR
Автоматическая дверь для кошек FERPLAST SWING 3SB swing arm clamp architect desk lamp dimmable
Универсальная система крепления для любых видов дверей Шесть размеров для кошек и собак Модели Swing 1, 3 и 5 - для кошек и мелких собак Модель Swing 7 - для кошек Модели Swing 11 и 15 - для крупных кошек и собак Система защиты от сквозняков (кроме моделей Swing 1 и 3) Четыре режима работы (кроме модели Swing 1) Индикатор последнего входа-выхода (только в моделях Swing 5 и 7) Магнитный замок - только в модели Swing 7
1600 RUR
Lee Waldrep W. Becoming an Architect swing arm clamp architect desk lamp dimmable
“Becoming an Architect will inspire future architects, career consultants, and human resources professionals alike, providing all the information you’ll need to make intelligent decisions about careers in architecture.” —From the Foreword by Helene Combs Dreiling, FAIA, 2014 AIA National President Starting a career as an architect is an exciting prospect, but it's important to do your research before you take the plunge. The third edition of Becoming an Architect is an update to the best-selling guide and highlights the risks and rewards on the path to a career as an architect. You'll find new insight and tons of helpful resources, as well as a complete outline of the trajectory of an architect's early career, from higher education through internship and licensure. More than thirty-two new interviews and profiles from architecture students, emerging, and established professionals give the resource a truly personal feel, and help get you acquainted with real-life scenarios from architects from varying backgrounds and specialties. With a highly accessible approach, this guide provides a complete overview of the profession, including educational requirements, design specialties, registration requirements, and the paths of a career in architecture. Whether you're a high school student, a college undergraduate, a career counselor, or a human resource professional, Becoming an Architect offers much-needed advice and information to anyone interested in career development for architects. Covers recent changes to the Intern Development Program (IDP) Provides advice on obtaining professional experience while studying to be an architect Considers career paths in a myriad of work environments, such as government agencies, education, and research Includes helpful appendixes with resources for further information, such as career-related associations, websites, and recommended reading Obtain a solid introduction to a career as an architect, and plan your own path with the guidance and advice of dozens of others who have already started this process.
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Футболка Wearcraft Premium Printio Swing cesaro swing (wwe) swing arm clamp architect desk lamp dimmable
Футболка Wearcraft Premium — цвет: чёрный, пол: Жен. Клаудио Кастаньоли (Антонио Сезаро) — швейцарский профессиональный рестлер, выступающий в WWE. Cesaro’s Swing используется перед основным финишером.
1970 RUR